Floating houses & gangways.

Our pontoons are used in many ways like a basis for floating houses, floating offices, plattforms for events and floating bridges. The pontoon´s unique combination of stability and bearing capacity creates excellent preconditions for comfort. We have long experience of pontoons for floating houses.

When we calculate the size of the platform in every specific project, the main parameters are size and weight of the house. Our concept for merging pontoons to platforms are carefully calculated and also tested in many different sizes as well as in various environments.

Floating footbridges are used for different causes and concepts. There are both permanent solutions and temporary bridges used during construction or sport events for example. We dimension the bridges according to the specific needs of each individual project.

The dimensioning parameters are length, width, bearing capacity, water depth and waves. The bridges are equipped with railings, exit guards and other safety equipment, all according to the regulations which are present for the bridges different area of use.

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