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Clear and simple – with premium quality.

To procure a marina, a floating pier or a pontoon could be a complicated project. However, we at Pontech have developed a process to make it all as clear and simple as possible, as well as assuring the premium quality for all parts of the project.

Our procurement process is divided into the three following steps: 

Requirement specifications

  1. Pontech’s process begins with identifying your current situation and requirement, with the requirement specification, a visit to the intended place, as well as mathematical calculations and estimations as premisses. The estimations are based on phenomenon such as winds and their impact, the depth of the water, and more.
  2. We calculate the size of wind-generated waves, and estimates the waves due to the boats and ships passing.
  3. Next, we dimension your pontoon or breakwater, based on our long experience of previous similar projects.
  4. We design a proposition for layout and architectural design.


All of our products are produced in large sequences with a high standardization, to ensure that you always obtain a product with high finish, design and premium quality.

Delivery and assembly

Delivery and assembly is being carried out with modern trucks and boats, in order to make the transportations as environmentally friendly as possible. Assembly is being carried out by Pontech’s inhouse assemblers, who all have many years of experience of our floating piers and pontoons.

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