Our floating breakwater is intended for exposed sites and possesses a high stability and buoyancy. Its long sides extend downwards, which increases the draught of the pontoon. Our floating breakwaters have a high dead load, a deep draught and a low metacentre height. Taken together, this creates good wave transmission capacity.

The choice of width of the breakwater is determined by your specific conditions, e.g. wave period, wave height etc. The construction is of reinforced concrete with a core of cellular plastic, making it unsinkable and giving it along lifespan. If the width is increased, the wave dampening effect is reinforced.

The advantages of floating breakwaters include short construction times, the flexibility obtained through the relative ease with which they can be moved, and the fact that they are an environmentally friendly alternative. All piers are prepared for electrical wiring and plumbing.

Floating breakwaters can be linked to each other using our coupling system which consists of a wire/rubber coupling. Floating breakwaters are unsinkable, have high buoyancy and a constant freeboard height. They can be equipped with our accessories such as boat booms, electricity, water, lighting pedestals and bollards, etc. The concrete decks of pontoons can be patterned with things like cobblestones or paving stones. Sides and decks can also be faced with wood. Anchoring is by means of chains, ropes or piles.

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